The Blog is a series of articles about performance/Load/Stress testing It covers all the phases of a performance testing cycle starting from requirement gathering to bottleneck identification and Performance Re-engineering. We will also try to cover multiple tools (Jmeter, LR, RPT, VSTS, SOAP UI etc) and technologies (Like SOA, .net, Java etc) Some more Posts will be uploaded soon :)

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Is Faster the better?

How fast is fast enough?

No Doubt faster is better, but how fast is fast enough is based on the perception of a person using it.

Perception or Expectations can be manipulated take an example
When we see a sign board saying "Work In Progress", it implies "Inconvenience for us"
But the feelings become positive when the sign board says "Please be patient, We are working towards a world class experience"

There will always be some activities which will take time (like transferring a file, fetching a report with lots of records etc). We have three choices to handle the situation

a) Let the user wait till the time the activity completes.
b) Show an Innovative message to the user (with a status bar for file sending) and ask him to wait till the activity completes.
c) Run the process in background and let the user perform something else, till the process completes.[show relevant messages as well]

                                                                                                                 Series Continues :) ......


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